Wild roseSo what is the fertility awareness method (FAM) and why am I so excited about it?

At its most basic level, fertility awareness is a form of body literacy (reading your body) so that you can understand your fertility. This means that you will understand when you are fertile (able to get pregnant) and infertile through each menstrual cycle (it’s only a few days around ovulation and I can teach you how to know when these days are!). By knowing this you will have a more complete picture of your health, because you will understand your hormonal balance and what’s going on inside your body every day.

What can you get out of this? Why should you bother with fertility awareness?

The most important reason (from my point of view) has nothing to do with babies. It’s the fact that practicing fertility awareness will allow you to truly understand your body, hormones, fertility, and health in a complete and holistic way. This knowledge is incredibly empowering and all of my clients have expressed how amazing they feel when they know what’s going on inside.

You’ll know when you’re ovulating, when to expect your period, can improve problems like PMS or cramps, overcome some common infertility issues, prevent pregnancy naturally (yes, it does work! over 99% effective), plan for a baby, and more!!!

Does this sound like something you want to do? Want to learn more? Charting your fertility on a daily basis only takes a couple of minutes and can give you so much important information about yourself! Read more at my Fertility Awareness FAQ page or email me for more.

Happy charting!

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