pink-and-blue-baby-shoesDid you know there might be a way to choose the sex of your baby?

A client recently told me they would like to have a child of each sex and wanted to know if there was a way to control this.

Well, there is a method that has been described but I certainly can’t guarantee it will work!

Sex-selection might be nice if you already have three girls and want a boy, or want to have one child of each sex.

Obviously the idea of selecting the sex of your child is huge minefield and shouldn’t be done lightly and definitely shouldn’t be your focus, but if you want to give it a try here’s the information for you.

The Shettles Method was named after Dr. Shettles and is based on the idea that different sex sperm have different speeds of travel through the uterus and different life spans.

Essentially, Y sperm (male) are faster, smaller, and die more quickly, and X sperm (female) are slower, larger and live longer.

This means that to try to have a boy you need to have sex on your Peak Day (that’s the last day of peak-type mucus and the day most likely to be ovulation) and refrain from sex for several days before this, and if you want try to have a girl you need to have sex up two or three days before ovulation and then stop. This means in order to do this, you really do need to be charting your mucus and your cycles.

There is also some interesting info in this method about orgasm, and how somehow if the woman has an orgasm it helps with male conception, but should be avoided for female conception.

Other research also says that the length of the follicular phase (that’s the time leading up to ovulation) might have an effect on the sex of your child, with more girls with a longer follicular phase. Of course this is something you can’t control at all.

And more research still says the opposite of Shettles, with girls more likely close to ovulation!

Personally, I really don’t believe this works, and would caution anyone from focusing on the sex of their child over the health of their child (there are so many horrible things done around the world related to female infanticide and abortion), but if it’s something you’re curious about then you might as well give it a shot! Maybe in the future we will better understand this with more research, but for now, it’s worth experimenting as long as you take it all with a  grain of salt.

Thinking of having a baby? Contact me for help preparing your body for pregnancy and learning the fertility awareness method for the best chances of conception.

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