International Women's DayToday is the 105th International Women’s Day! So much has changed in that time, but it’s important to remember that we still need this day because women are still fighting many battles for equality and fair treatment around the world (and yes, even in Canada!).

Equality is something I often take for granted growing up in Canada. We have easy access to abortion, we can vote, we can work, we get maternity leave from work…

But I’m often reminded of how much more work needs to be done around the world, even across the border where our American sisters live (they have little to no maternity leave and abortion access is constantly being reduced). It makes me thankful to live where I do, but also makes me more and more convinced that our work is not done and won’t be in my lifetime.

This year’s official theme is #pledgeforparity, where parity means the state or condition of being equal. People around the world are tweeting and posting what they plan to do to further women’s equality and you can check out official events here.

While these grand gestures are great, what it really comes down to is taking action on a daily basis. Speak up when you see sexism, fight for equality in your workplace and at home, and do whatever you can to further equality between all people. We can’t fight all battles in all places, but doing what you can to better your daily life will have a butterfly effect and influence society in ways you might not imagine.

Even what might seem like a simple thing can have an effect. For example, telling people you have your period instead of hiding it will do wonders for changing the conversation around menstruation and how society views menstruators. Since half of us menstruate and there’s still a lot of stigma around this, this is an important part of the conversation for improving women’s treatment in the world.

What do you plan to do this year to further women’s rights?


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