fertility chartSo you’ve heard about charting your fertility or using the fertility awareness method (FAM) and you’re wondering what it actually looks like. Is it easy or hard? Take a lot of time or a little?

While it may seem a bit overwhelming, I promise you that it’s really simple, and once you get into the habit of doing it it’ll be as simple as brushing your teeth.

Here’s how to chart in three easy steps.

Step 1: Take your temperature first thing when you wake up in the morning.
Step 2: Every time you’re in the bathroom, check for cervical mucus before and after using the toilet.
Step 3: Before you go to bed, write down what you saw during the day on a chart.

That’s it! Easy as pie, right? 🙂

Yes, there are some rules to follow and instructions for how to observe, interpret, and chart cervical mucus that may take a few menstrual cycles to get the hang of, but overall this is really all there is to it!

And remember that you are not alone! I’m here to help you learn how to interpret mucus and make a beautiful chart! Contact me if you want to learn more or check out my programs.

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