crampsThis is going to be a bit of a personal post. During my last period I had the worst menstrual cramps of my entire menstruating life. Normally I am fine with ibuprofen and can carry on with my day, but for some reason this time I was hit with excruciating pain. I’ve never felt this before and I have no idea why it happened. I was lying on the floor curled up in a ball and couldn’t open my eyes or move because of the pain. After about an hour the cramps finally started to subside and I could start to think again. Thank goodness I was home that day and not at work!

I’m writing this because I want to say that I have a new appreciation for women with endometriosis and other menstrual pain disorders! You are all amazing, strong, powerful women for coping with this!

This experience has given me renewed passion to help women reduce and eliminate their cramps and menstrual pain. I know that it is possible because many of my colleagues have clients who, after years of pain, had “ninja periods” that they didn’t see coming because their normal cramps and pain didn’t show up!

Menstruation should not hurt, and when it does it’s a sign of some underlying physiological imbalance. With diet and lifestyle changes your menstrual experience can be better. Ninja periods for all!

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