Pre-pregnancy support:

Check out my pregnancy achieving programs here!

By signing up you will:

  • Know when you ovulate;
  • Know how to identify the (approx.) six day window when having sex can lead to pregnancy;
  • Know you are pregnant without even needing to take a test;
  • Identify and address common causes of infertility;
  • Learn how to talk to your doctor about reproductive challenges;
  • Prepare your body, diet, and lifestyle for pregnancy; and
  • Know the exact date of conception and estimated due date of your baby.


Postpartum support:

Check out my postpartum support program here!

By signing up you will:

  • Use the lactational amenorrhea method (LAM) of contraception (*breastfeeding alone does not guarantee you won’t get pregnant again, so learn to use this method correctly);
  • Learn ways to improve breastfeeding and delay your return to fertility;
  • Monitor your return to fertility postpartum; and
  • Understand common postpartum menstrual cycle and hormonal changes/challenges.