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Been charting your cycles for a while, but still have questions?

Read every book and website you can get your hands on, but still confused?

Had a change in your circumstances and need a refresher?

Stopped charting for a while, but ready to get back into it?

Then my Charting Consult option is for you!

The Charting Consult is for you if you:

  • Have been charting a while but are still confused
  • Learned from a book but want a bit of extra support
  • Had a change in your health or circumstances and want a refresher
  • Stopped charting for a while and are ready to get back into it

This is not for you if you:

  • Have never charted before
  • Want help with an ongoing health issue
  • Want longer-term support

If one of the above applies to you check out my more in-depth programs here.

What’s included?

The Charting Consult includes:

  • One (1) chart review session (up to 60 minutes) with me where we talk about what your questions or concerns are and make a plan to start addressing them
  • Four (4) digital audio recordings (and transcripts) totalling ~80 minutes:
    • 1 – fertility awareness intro (~20 min)
    • 2 – biology and physiology of the menstrual cycle and fertility (~30 min)
    • 3 – how to observe and track your body’s signs of fertility (~15 min)
    • 4 – how to make a menstrual cycle chart (~15 min)

How does it work?

Step one: sign up!

Step two: receive the recordings in your email

Step three: listen to the recordings

Step four: send me your last few charts (three would be great!)

Step five: meet with me!

Now I know you’ve been charting a while and learned this information already, but sometimes it’s helpful to get a new perspective! If you aren’t feeling confident or want a refresher then this is a great time to listen to the recordings and see if they can help answer some of your questions!

What does it cost? (click here to buy)

The Charting Consult is only CAD $225! 

While I recommend using the Justisse Method for charting, if you’ve been using a different method or different app that’s a-okay! We will work together to find a charting system that best suits your needs!

Curious about the Justisse Method? Buy the Justisse Method Guidebook for an additional CAD $25 (including shipping)!

Click here to buy now!

Not sure if this is the right program for you? Check out my other fertility awareness services here.