Charting Consult

If you’ve been charting your cycles for a while and are still confused, have had a change in circumstances and need a refresher, or stopped altogether and want to get back into it, then a one-off Charting Consult is what you need!

holding handsNatural Birth Control

When practiced correctly, fertility awareness methods are up to 99.6% effective at preventing pregnancy! This is a great option for people who don’t want to take hormonal contraception or use devices or barriers.

woman-358779_640Achieving Pregnancy And Postpartum Support

Practicing the fertility awareness method is a great way to improve your chances of pregnancy and also allows you to monitor your return to fertility postpartum!

fruit cupManaging Hormonal Health

Fertility isn’t just about babies. Because you are designed to reproduce, understanding your fertility allows you to have a better understanding of your overall health.