Fertility Awareness FAQ

Did you know you can determine when you ovulate and when you are fertile in each menstrual cycle simply by observing your body? It's true! By learning to read the signs of cervical mucus and waking body temperature you can know how fertile you are each and every day! You can use this information to help achieve pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, and monitor your reproductive health. Want to learn more? Read the FAQ or check out my programs below! ...

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Natural Birth Control

Are you looking for a natural method of birth control that’s as effective as the pill but without the side effects? Learn the fertility awareness method of birth control, which can be up to 99.6% effective at preventing pregnancy!


Pregnancy Achieving

Are you looking for a way to increase your chances of pregnancy naturally? Do you want to learn more about how your body functions, and be able to tell when you are fertile or infertile each cycle around ovulation?


Postpartum Support

After your baby is born it can be anywhere from three months to over a year when your cycles return. Learn how to monitor the return of your cycles and how to use breastfeeding effectively as a natural method of birth control.

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Managing Hormonal Health

Fertility isn’t just about babies! By understanding your menstrual cycle and hormones you can have a better understanding of your overall health and improve/eliminate symptoms like PMS, cramps, irregular cycles, and more!